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JQuery coding

  1. Performing some scripts after the DOM is ready. $( document ).ready(function() { console.log( “I am ready!” ); }); $(function(){ console.log( “I am ready!” ); }); 2. How to get a value of text box or select combo box using the ID or class //Sample using textbox $(“#txtName”).val(); $(“.txtName”).val(); //Sample using select combo box […]

Software Development Principles

The SOLID Principles: ➤ The Single Responsibility Principle Stated in its most extreme form, the Single Responsibility Principle is that a class should have only one reason to change. ➤ The Open/Closed Principle This principle states that “Software entities should be open for extension, but closed for modification”.  In other words, you should never change […]

NativeSoft Validators library

The script offers several functions that usually are needed during a web development process. The main scope of this library is to eliminate the need of custom javascripts for control validation. Using the library you can use control custom attributes instead of javascripts for doing basic and complex validations like “isnumeric”, min/max values, value in […]

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