About Us


offers complex services in the area of software development, networking and IT consulting. The development of made-to-order software is covered through the whole lifecycle starting with specification of requirements, continuing with analysis of requirements, design, implementation and the integration and maintenance. In our work, we use standardized practices, modeling techniques, UML modeling tools and an engineering work approach. The company`s specialists with many years of experience in the area of information technologies will be happy to advice you anytime.

We are a yound, dynamically evolving company

founded with aims to satisfy the needs and meet the requirements of Romanian and foreign business partners. The core of the company consists of experts in the area of information technologies specialized in the development of software and network solutions in an internet or intranet environment. Experience from multiple areas of software development, creation and administration of business networks and other activities related to world of information technologies evolved in the year 2006 into a cooperative collaboration and later to the founding of this company. Technical and business sense, were from the start on aimed to cooperate with other companies concerned with communication and business solutions.

Our key concepts 

are fair communication with its partners and high quality products. Among the capabilities of our employees are the development of enterprise solutions built on the Java J2EE or the Microsoft .NET platform; development of client-side applications in the form of a thin, a rich client or a client for mobile platforms; software products tailored to the wishes of the customer build using computer languages of various levels and the design, implementation and administration of computer network infrastructures. For more information, visit the projects and services section.


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