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Setting up dual network (wireless + LAN)

Find your LAN gateway (in this example is route delete route add mask   if you have other LAN IP-s outside the default mask you should ask them too, for example :   route add  

MSSQL 2000: How to get space used, row count and other table specific informations

/********************************************************************************************************************** Purpose: Returns a single result set similar to sp_Space used for all user tables at once. Notes: 1. May be used as a view, stored procedure, or table-valued funtion. 2. Must comment out 1 “Schema” in the SELECT list below prior to use. See the adjacent comments for more info. Revision History: Rev 00 […]

About Us

We are a young, dynamically evolving company founded with aims to satisfy the needs and meet the requirements of Romanian and foreign business partners. The core of the company consists of experts in the area of information technologies specialized in the development of software and network solutions in an internet or intranet environment. Experience from […]